Criminology: Death Penalty Resources

The death penalty is the killing or execution of a person as a punishment for a criminal offense. Crimes that can result in someone receiving a death penalty are referred to as capital offenses. Throughout time, capital punishment has been practiced in many parts of the world. Currently there are 58 countries that give death penalty sentences, 95 countries have done away with it, and the remainder of the world have not used the death penalty in at least 10 years or have only allowed it in extraordinary circumstances. There are many controversies surrounding the death penalty and many arguments for and against capital punishment.

General Information

Death Penalty Info Center – Information on the death penalty including fact sheets, an execution database, facts, reports, and resources.

Capital Punishment – Facts on the death penalty and capital punishment from Amnesty International, a human rights organization.

Death Penalty – An overview and list of resources on the death penalty from Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute.

Death Penalty Developments – An article discussing some of the latest developments in laws concerning capital punishment.

Pro Death Penalty

Pro Death Penalty – A website featuring information including articles, links, books, legislation, and more for those that are pro death penalty.

Death Penalty Arguments – An in-depth article discussing arguments for the death penalty as well as information on the cons.

Death Penalty Info – The pro death penalty information community featuring interactive capital punishment information.

Death Penalty Resources – Some information on the argument for the death penalty along with a list of resources.

Against The Death Penalty

Death Penalty Focus – An advocacy organization that is dedicated to abolishing the death penalty through education and research.

Abolish The Death Penalty – Information from Amnesty International on why the death penalty should be abolished.

ACLU – Information on the denial of civil liberties involved in the death penalty from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Anti Death Penalty – Information for those against the death penalty including statistics, history, successes, and more.

NCADP – The website of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.

Death Penalty Laws

Death Penalty Legislation – Some information on the most recent legislation concerning capital punishment.

Federal Death Penalty Laws – In-depth information from the United States Department of Justice on the federal death penalty system.

Death Penalty By State – An interactive map featuring facts about the death penalty for each state.

Death Penalty History – An overview of the history of the death penalty and recent developments and laws.

Capital Punishment Laws – An overview of information on the laws of capital punishment in the United States.

Death Penalty & Religion

Religious Tolerance – Some information on the views of different religions and how the feel about the death penalty.

Religion & Death Penalty – Information on religious views of the death penalty including religious statements, articles, news, and developments.

Wrongful Murder Convictions

Wrongful Murder Convictions – Some information on some of the most well known wrongful murder convictions.

First Wrongful Murder – A summary of the first wrongful murder conviction in the United States which occurred in 1812.